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Pre/Post Care


Preparing for your appointment

  • NO alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before procedure (Yes, there is caffeine in decaf coffee and tea!).

  • Avoid sun and tanning one week prior to procedure.

  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 72 hours before procedure.

  • Discontinue Retin-A at least 4 weeks prior (and avoid on eyebrow area after procedure).

  • Refrain from use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior (and avoid on eyebrow area after procedure).

  • Botox and filler on the forehead, temple, and eye area should be avoided 1 month prior to procedure for those who do not regularly receive injectables.

  • No brow waxing, tinting, or threading one week prior (the more natural hair growth you have, the better!

  • Avoid Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion or facials for 4-weeks prior procedure.

  • Avoid booking during your menstrual cycle as it can increase your pain during the procedure.

After your appointment

It is ESSENTIAL that you follow these instructions for 7-14 days after your procedure:

Immediately after your procedure, blot every 1-2 hrs with a damp gauze or cotton round and remove all excess lymph

24 hrs after procedure wash gently 2 times per day, morning and night with cetaphil and apply a thin layer of either Aquafor, after inked or grapeseed oil. 

Repeat for 7-10 days

  • For the first 7-14 days it is recommended not to sweat (heavily). Sweat is salt and can prematurely fad the treated area. 

  • Avoid practicing sports

  • NO swimming, sauna, hot baths, or jacuzzis

  • NO sun tanning OR salon tanning. Absolutely no sun, sweating, or tanning prior to or after the procedure for at least 10 days. 

  • NO laser or chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic Acid on the face or neck. 

  • Avoid picking, peeling, or scratching the area in order to avoid scarring of the area.

  • Avoid any heavy household cleaning such as garage or basement cleaning where there is a lot of airborne debris

  • Avoid spicy foods

  • NO smoking

  • No excess drinking of alcohol as it may delay your healing.

  • Avoid driving in open air vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles. 

  ***It is normal to have itching and flaking during the first 7 days. However, if you follow these instructions your symptoms may quickly disappear. 


  ***The pigment may appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure. Do not be alarmed as the pigment will soften gradually and fade 30-50%. 

  ***Once completely healed, ensure you apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF30 on your brows before sun exposure. Sun exposure may cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly.


* Pregnant * Pacemaker or ma or heart problems* Epilepsy * Organ transplant* History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring * Sick (cold, flu, etc.)* Diabetic (require doctor’s clearance) * Accutane in the past year* Chemotherapy (consult your doctor) * Viral infections and/or diseases* Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)* Heart conditions, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Poor general health.* Any treatment, medication, or illness that compromises the immune system/healing will make you POOR candidate for micropigmentation procedures

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